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 Thank you for visiting the on-line home of Sculptured Skins.  This website is some of my past work and projects but is no where near the total volume of my work over the past few years.  None of the items you see here are for sale, they are all long since sold. It is impossible for me to recreate and exact duplicate of any one piece because of the methods I use to create them. However, I can recreate something similar for you as a custom piece. My real passion is new things and pushing myself to see just how creative I can be when working with leather.  If you have that idea that you think just can't be done, chances are, I can make it happen.  The only limits are the limits we place on ourselves. 

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Allow me to give you a brief introduction of myself. My name is Terry Wise. I'm a 47 year old fashion designer and an artist from Dallas, Texas. My preferred medium to work with is leather. I can create some of the most unusual and imaginative pieces of leather you may ever see or own. I tour around the country selling my unique pieces at shows like Comic con and other festivals.

Chances are, your here because you either met me at one of these shows or were referred here by someone that has seen my work up close. I truly love what I do and it shows in my creations. I can make pretty much anything, we are only limited by our own imaginations. 

Many of my designs you'll see on here are custom pieces made for specific clients with their vision in mind while it was being crafted. If you have something you'd like made, please feel free to contact me to discuss it.

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